Providing a Future for Students of the Past

Providing a Future for Students of the Past

Providing a Future for Students of the Past

Providing a Future for Students of the Past

Providing a Future for Students of the Past

Providing a Future for Students of the Past

The Trust’s continuing education scholarships are an essential component to passing the torch to the curators of the 21st century.

Robert A. Leath

Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts

Emerging Scholars Program Campaign Meets Goal

The Board of Governors of the Decorative Arts Trust is honored to announce the successful conclusion of a $2M campaign to raise endowed funds in support of the Emerging Scholars Program (ESP). Titled Providing a Future for Students of the Past, the campaign commenced in 2017 and was achieved through contributions from more than 200 donors. The largest fundraising effort mounted by the organization to date, the generosity of Trust members and a small group of private foundations and charitable funds ensures the ESP’s future in the years ahead.

A grant of $175,000 awarded earlier this month by a private foundation helped push the Trust to the finish line. This grant is directed in support of the Curatorial Internship Program, the flagship of the organization’s annual portfolio of funding for graduate students, young professionals, and partner organizations throughout the museum sector. Upwards of 50 emerging scholars benefit from the Trust’s support in a typical year.

The Trust’s Executive Director, Matthew A. Thurlow, cites “the tremendous munificence of our community” in reaching the goal. “We are grateful for the opportunity to celebrate this milestone, especially in a challenging climate. Each year we have the honor of furthering the careers of dozens of aspiring art historians as well as the efforts of the universities and museums with which they are affiliated. The generous gifts made during the campaign ensure our ability to provide grants and scholarships to future generations of scholars.”

Charles T. Akre, Jr., President of the Trust’s Board of Governors, adds “the benefit of the ESP to young scholars and institutions alike is a great source of pride for the organization and our membership. This service is central to the Trust’s mission and will remain part of our core focus thanks to the success of this campaign.” Akre chaired the Campaign Committee and guided the fundraising process to a successful end.

Robert A. Leath, Chairman of the Trust’s Education Committee, which oversees the ESP, and President of the Classical American Homes Preservation Trust, states “this campaign helps to secure the future of our field through valuable opportunities for highly qualified young professionals who will serve as the next generation of caretakers for our nation’s artistic legacy.” Leath has deftly steered the ESP through a significant period of growth in funding and improved administration, thereby ensuring the successful impact of the Trust’s support.

Brock W. Jobe, Vice President of the Board of Governors and Professor of American Decorative Arts Emeritus at Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library, sees this as “a foundational moment for the Trust that guarantees the continuation of grants and internships that change the lives of young professionals and enhance the Trust’s commitment to scholarship and the museum world.” Jobe was instrumental in the expansion of the ESP with the addition of the Summer Research Grant Program in 2003 and the Curatorial Internship Program in 2009.

The endowment will eventually offset 50% of the Emerging Scholars Program budget, and the Trust will continue to fundraise each year to sustain our commitments to the field. Please make a contribution to help support these efforts!

Donors to the Campaign:

(as of July 1, 2020)

Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Akre, Jr.
Anonymous (2)
Ms. Martha Lyn Dippell
Mr. Daniel Lynn Korengold
The William C. and
Susan S. Mariner Private Foundation, Inc.
Mike and Carolyn McNamara
Mr. & Mrs. Clifford G. Mumm
Randy and Kelly Schrimsher
The C. K. Williams Family Foundation

Ms. Carolyn C. Maness
Mrs. Susan Sutter

Mr. & Mrs. Donald B. Ayres, III
Nancy and Colin Campbell
Decorative Arts Society
of Orange County
David and Melissa Dvorak
Dr. & Mrs. James J. Hardy
The Imperial Charitable Trust
Mr. & Mrs. Dudley D. Johnson
Lavori Sterling Foundation, Inc.
Lisa Sue Lee
The Loring, Wolcott &
Coolidge Charitable Trust
Mr. & Mrs. Forbes Maner
Elizabeth H. Owens
Mr. & Mrs. James D. Penny
Pam and Bruce Perkins
Margaret Beck Pritchard
Ms. Karen Buchwald Wright
Mr. Tom Rastin
The Marie and John
Zimmermann Fund

The Booth-Bricker Fund
Sarah D. Coffin
The Community Foundation
for Northern Virginia/
Mr. J. Hornor Davis, IV
Mr. James Robert Gray
Ms. Margize L. Howell
Joel and Chrissy Huber
Mrs. Lisa Ireland
Janet and Keith Lindgren
Mr. Hampton S. Lynch, Jr.
The May Charitable Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Gray S. Parker
Mary E. Raines
Mr. & Mrs. James Harvey Weaver, III
Wunsch Americana Foundation

Mrs. Tara Cederholm
Mr. Jerry E. Dalton
Mr. Christopher L. Duvall
The Ebert Charitable
Foundation, Inc.
ExxonMobil Foundation
The Howell Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Brock W. Jobe
Mr. Jonathan B. Loring
Ms. June D. Lucas
Mrs. Jane C. Nylander
Mr. Richard Nylander
Mr. & Mrs. Roger B. Palley
Mr. Joseph Peter Spang*
Ms. Susan R. Stein
Mr. & Mrs. P. Coleman
Townsend, Jr.
The Joan Pearson Watkins
Charitable Trust
Nancy and Cameron Wood

Ms. Laura Beach
Ms. Mary Dutton Boehm
Mrs. Carol Borchert Cadou
The MaryLouise Coolidge Charitable Gift Fund
Mrs. Marilyn G. Field
Judy and John Herdeg
Mrs. Sarah S. Horton
Helen Scott Reed
Mr. J. Thomas Savage, Jr.
The Seminarians
Ms. Susan Sloan
Mr. & Mrs. Philip S. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Thurlow

Mr. Richard T. Button
Ms. Wendy Cooper
Mrs. Dean F. Failey
Nonie Gadsden
The Dudley and Constance P. Godfrey Foundation
Mrs. Sarah S. Harrison
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph O. Harvard, III
Dr. Richard E. Hughes
Roger and Alexandra Kirtley
Mrs. Barbara Sisk Landon
In memory of
Dr. Henry C. Landon, III
Mr. Robert A. Leath
Ms. Paula Madden
Mrs. Helen Rockwell
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley D. Scott
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew A. Thurlow
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn L. Tonnesen
Mr. Nicholas C. Vincent

Mrs. Corinne M. Babson 
Ms. Marcia Dew Bansley 
Mr. David Andrew Bartsch 
In Honor of Nicholas Vincent
Mr. & Mrs. Harry S. de Waart 
Mr. Curt DiCamillo 
Ms. Susanne Freeman 
Dr. & Mrs. Henry F. Frierson, Jr.
Mr. James L. Green 
Mr. & Mrs. David A. Heider 
Ms. Nancy A. Iliff 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Jackson, Jr.
Ms. Joan Kunzelmann 
Mr. Lamar Lentz 
In memory of Richard R. Royall, V
The Carl M. Lindberg Family Foundation 
Ms. Veronica Miller 
Mrs. Marilyn S. Newell 
Ms. Monica Obniski 
Mr. Elbert H. Parsons, Jr.
Ms. Margaret Patch 
Mr. William Pennington 
Mrs. Laura Smith
The Winston-Salem Foundation 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Booth, Jr.
Ms. Meredith S.S. Smith
Mr. Daniel Sousa
Ms. Janet Lee Brandt
Ms. Lucinda Brockway
Wheeler and Anne P. Bryan Family Foundation
Mrs. Mary Ross Fisher
Ms. Marcia B. Grace
Ms. Amy Parenti
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene B. Roberts, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Terrence E. Sheridan
Mrs. Margaret Wood Snow
Mr. & Mrs. Radclyffe F. Thompson
Ms. Lois Wagner
Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Webb, III
Philip and Betsy Zea

Ms. Kim Ahara 
Mrs. Mary Lee Anderson
Ms. Sara Lee Barnes 
Ms. Joanne L. Bear 
Mrs. Ellen Still Brooks 
Ms. Laura Anne Brooks 
Mr. Jason T. Busch 
Mrs. Jennifer Carlquist
Mr. Chad Lemke
Cenovus Energy Inc. 
Mrs. Mary Ann Conn-Brody
Dr. Robert Brody
Mr. Miles J. Davis*
Ms. Yolande Dobbs
Nancy Goyne Evans 
Ms. Susan Fischer
David and Jayne Floering 
Ms. Florence B. Fowlkes 
Ms. Kristina M. Gray 
Mrs. Anne Bullard Hodges 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Jenemann 
Dr. Patricia E. Kane
Mr. W. Scott Braznell
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce H. H. Knowles 
Ms. Matilda F. Maassen 
In Honor of Mary Meese
Ms. Johanna McBrien 
Ms. Lynn Broward McNamara 
Ms. Patricia Meyers 
Ms. Ann D. Michell 
Dr. Roger W. Moss
Dr. Gail Caskey Winkler
Mr. & Mrs. David G. Noyes 
Mrs. Patsy K. Pettus 
Ms. Elizabeth Pochoda 
Ms. Penelope P. Proserpi 
Mr. & Mrs. Donald H. Roberts, Jr.
Mr. Stewart G. Rosenblum 
Ms. Donna C. Stroud 
Ms. Laura Towers 
Mr. & Mrs. L. Emerson Tuttle 
Dr. Carroll Van West 
Mrs. Sara E. White
Amber L. Wingerson 
Dr. & Mrs. Joe Harris Woody
Ms. Elizabeth Yerkes 

Caitlin Emery Avenia
Mr. Donald A. Best
Mrs. George P. Bissell, Jr.
Ms. Mel Buchanan
Mr. Robert Stewart Burton
Ms. Candice Roland Candeto
Ms. L. Karen Darner
Mr. Kenneth C. Depew
Mrs. Sarah LaVigne Duggan
Ms. Jean Taylor Federico
Mrs. Dottie Fluker
Ms. Sarah W. Gant
Ms. Elyse D. Gerstenecker
Ms. Julee Gooding
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Hall
Mrs. Paul M. Haygood
Mr. John A. Hellman
Ms. Ellen Ilkanic
Ms. Constance Hershey
Ms. Ann Reiley Jones
Ms. Karen Kelleher
Ms. Jacquelann Killian
Ms. Lea C. Lane
Mr. Frank Levy
Mr. Ronald E. Magill
Mr. Philip Correll
Ms. Katie E. McKinney
Dr. & Mrs. Roy A. Meals
Mrs. Mary Meese
Mrs. Ellen Milholland
Ms. Lisa Minardi
Dr. Donald C. Oxenhandler
Ms. Brenda Parker
Mr. A. Nicholas Powers
Mrs. Jenny Powers
Mr. Grant S. Quertermous
Mr. Christian Roden
Dr. Catharine Dann Roeber
Ms. Ann Y. Smith
Ms. Kirsten Rabe Smolensky
Nelson S. Talbott Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald W.R. Ward


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