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John Brown House, Providence, RI

Providence image.

The front parlor of the Rhode Island Historical Society’s John Brown House contains a Providence-made nine-shell desk and bookcase flanked by variants of Providence-made Neoclassical side chairs. The wallpaper is a 1975 reproduction by the Birge Co. of Buffalo, NY, based on a 1790s French example. Trust members toured the John Brown House during the Refined Rhode Island: Providence and Newport Reimagined Symposium in fall 2023. 



Château Borély, Marseille, France

France puzzle

The Château occupies a park created in the 17th century by ship owner and merchant Joseph Borély. The Château now houses a museum of decorative arts. Trust members visited Château Borély during the France in the Footsteps of Jefferson Study Trip Abroad in fall 2023. 



Houghton Hall, Norfolk, England

Houghton Hall.

William Kent designed the ornate “Shell Bed” for Sir Robert Walpole for Houghton Hall’s State Bedroom. Trust members toured Houghton Hall during the East Anglia: The Country Houses of Norfolk and Suffolk Study Trip Abroad in spring 2023.



Historic Strawberry Mansion, Philadelphia, PA

Strawberry Mansion.

Strawberry Mansion’s Ballroom features gilded furniture that General George Cadwalader purchased in Paris in 1835. Trust members toured Strawberry Mansion during the Philadelphia Spring 2023 Symposium.



Santa Caterina d’Alessandria, Palermo, Sicily

Santa Caterina.

Santa Caterina was built by order of Sister Maria del Carretto in 1566 and completed in 1596, on a pre-existing 14th-century structure. Trust members visited the site during the Northern Sicily: At the Crossroads of the Mediterranean program in spring 2023.



Wieskirche, Steingaden, Germany 


The Wieskirche (Pilgrimage Church of Wies) is a Rococo church designed in the late 1740s by brothers Johann Baptist and Dominikus Zimmermann. Decorative Arts Trust members toured the site during the Bavaria: Grandeur in Southern Germany Study Trip Abroad program in fall 2022.



The Jefferson Hotel, Richmond, VA 

Jefferson Hotel.

The Jefferson Hotel was built in the Spanish Baroque style in 1892. The lobby contains nine original stained glass windows by Tiffany Studios. The three stained glass windows above the front desk and the stained glass dome are reproductions. Decorative Arts Trust members experienced the hotel during the Fall 2022 Symposium in Richmond.



Headfort House near Kells, Ireland  

Headfort House

In the early 1770s, Thomas Taylor, the first Earl of Headfort, commissioned Irish architect George Semple to build Headfort House. The interior contains a magnificent suite of six state rooms designed by the renowned Scottish architect Robert Adam. Decorative Arts Trust members toured the rooms during The Great Houses of Upper Ireland: The North & Border Counties Study Trip Abroad program in spring 2022.



Old State Capitol in Frankfort, KY 

Old State Capitol

The Old State Capitol, also known as the Old Statehouse, served as home of the Kentucky General Assembly from 1830 to 1910. The building was designed in the Greek Revival style by 25-year-old Lexington architect Gideon Shryock, his first building after training under William Strickland in Philadelphia. Decorative Arts Trust members visited the site during the Spring 2022 Symposium in Kentucky.




Real Alcazar in Seville, Spain 

Real Alcazar

The Real Alcazar was the palace of the Spanish kings and the Moorish rulers who preceded them. Decorative Arts Trust members toured the site during the Andalucía: Discovering Southern Spain Study Trip Abroad program in spring 2022.



San Lorenzo in Turin, Italy 

Guarino Guarini designed the impressive Baroque Church of San Lorenzo in Turin, Italy. Decorative Arts Trust members toured the church during the La Dolce Vita in Northern Italy: Genoa, Turin & Milan Study Trip Abroad program in fall 2021.



Stevens-Coolidge House in North Andover, MA

Trust members encountered this embroidered green damask silk fragment (1890-1920, China) at the Stevens-Coolidge House tour hosted by The Trustees of Reservations during the Fall 2021 Symposium in Massachusetts. Used as a bureau scarf by the Coolidges, the green damask silk is decorated with intricately embroidered stylized peonies and abstract flower buds.



Villandry Château and Gardens, France

Loire Valley

The Château of Villandry is the last of the great chateaux built during the Renaissance in the Loire Valley. When Jean Le Breton acquired the Villandry estate, the building was a Medieval fortress. The defensive architecture was pared down, opened up and enhanced with elements of Renaissance décor. Decorative Arts Trust members visited the château and gardens during the From Château to Vineyard: The Lower Loire Valley Study Trip Abroad program in fall 2019.



Gwrych Castle, Wales 

Gwrych Castle was erected between 1819 and 1825. In the mid-20th century, it was called “The Showpiece of Wales.” Members visited the Castle during the Discovering Wales and the Welsh Marches Study Trip Abroad program in spring 2019.



Fondouk El Nejjarine, Morocco 

The Interior Of The 18th Century Fondouk El Nejjarine

The Museum of Wood in Fes, Morocco, is housed in the Fondouk el-Nejjarine, an 18th-century trading post and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Members visited this site during the Morocco: Northern Africa Melds With the Mediterranean World Study Trip Abroad program in spring 2019.



The Municipal House (Obecní Dům) Ceiling, Prague 

The Municipal House (Obecni Dum) Ceiling, Prague

The splendid Obecní Dům (the Municipal House) is thought to be the finest piece of Art Nouveau architecture in Prague. The astounding interior includes Alfons Mucha’s Lord Mayor’s Hall that celebrates the heroic past of the Czech people. Members visited the building during the Prague & Vienna: Haute Design in Central Europe Study Trip Abroad program in fall 2018.



Palazzo della Ragione, Italy

Palladio’s façade of the Palazzo della Ragione, Vicenza

The Palazzo della Ragione is a medieval market hall, town hall, and palace of justice building in Padua, Italy. Called “il Salone” (the big Hall), the structure is believed to be one of the largest medieval halls still extant. Decorative Arts Trust members visited Venice and the Veneto during the Fall 2017 Study Trip Abroad.



Newhailes, Scotland

Newhailes: the grand library

Located in Musselburgh, an eastern suburb of Edinburgh, Scotland, Newhailes was the home of the Dalrymples and their Ferguson descendants from 1709 until the National Trust acquired the property in 1997. The present structure contains a late-17th-century core designed by James Smith encased in additions by a variety of prominent 18th-century architects, most notably William Adam, who completed this double-height library and added a western extension around 1733. The Decorative Arts Trust toured Newhailes during the Scotland: A Legacy of Cultural Achievement Study Trip Abroad in spring 2017.



Harewood House, Leeds, England

Adams ceiling for Harewood’s Gallery

The Harewood House in Leeds, England, was built between 1759 and 1771 for Edwin Lascelles. Robert Adam designed this ceiling for the Gallery, the largest room in the house. The Decorative Arts Trust toured Harewood House during the Yorkshire in the Age of Chippendale Study Trip Abroad in fall 2016.



Church of St. Jacob, Małujowice, Poland 

Stenciled ceiling of the Church of St. Jacob, Malujowice.

The Church of Saint Jacob the Apostle in the tiny village of Małujowice, Poland, is one of the best-preserved painted Gothic churches in Europe. The church’s wooden ceilings feature stenciled decoration incorporating both abstract and representational imagery, including fruits, flowers, and vegetation, as well as religious imagery. Decorative Arts Trust Members visited the church during the Poland: At the Confluence of European Cultures Study Trip Abroad in spring 2016.



Modica, Sicily, Italy

View of Modica

Modica is known for its Baroque buildings, like the Cathedral of St. George. Despite being ravaged by earthquakes in 1613 and 1693, and floods in 1833 and 1902, Modica has retained some of the most beautiful architecture in Sicily. The Decorative Arts Trust visited Modica during the Sicily: Crossroads of Mediterranean Civilizations Study Trip Abroad in fall 2015.



Luisium, Dessau-Roßlau, Germany

The jewel-box Luisium

Luisium is a part of Dessau-Wörlitz Garden Realm, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in eastern Germany. In 1774, work started on a small palace in the style of an English country house, which Leopold III, Duke of Anhalt-Dessau built for his wife Margravine Louise of Brandenburg-Schwedt, thus the name Luisium. Decorative Arts Trust members toured Dessau-Wörlitz during the spring 2015 Courtly Collections: Dresden, Leipzip, and Berlin Study Trip Abroad.



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