5th-Annual Emerging Scholars Colloquium Goes Virtual

Feb 2, 2021

Even though we were not able to gather in person for this year’s Emerging Scholars Colloquium, participants agreed that the new format of the virtual presentation was enlightening and effective. 

The 5th-annual Emerging Scholars Colloquium was presented via Zoom on Monday, January 25, by the Classical American Homes Preservation Trust (CAHPT) in conjunction with the Decorative Arts Trust.

This year’s program introduced a new format that included two joint presentations. 

The first pairing featured Mary C. Fesak, PhD Candidate in American Civilization at the University of Delaware, and Jeffrey E. Klee, Vice President and Senior Director of Architecture at CAHPT, who discussed the history of 19th- and 20th-century stables with particular attention to CAHPT’s stable at Millford. In her presentation, Mary detailed how elite Northern horse culture played a vital role in the development of South Carolina’s horse culture from the late 19th century into the 20th century, looking at the communities that formed in Aitken and Camden. Jeffrey then discussed Mary’s research and the ways in which polite forms of leisure continue to animate places like Millford, which features an impressive stable in the Greek Revival style. A handsome video detailing the design, construction, and preservation of the Millford stable is included at the end of the program recording.

The second pairing spotlighted Allie Cade, Senior Curator and Director of Woodwind Studies at the Sigal Music Museum, and Grant Quertermous, Curator and Director of Collections at CAHPT, who shared a fascinating conversation on musical instruments and associated seating furniture. Alexandra’s investigation of piano stools shows how they underscore the trajectory of the domestic piano in 19th-century America and allow us to tell a broader story of the physicality and accessibility of musical instrument performance. Grant then shared updates about a project he is working on featuring a Duncan Phyfe music stool at CAHPT’s Edgewater

View the recording of the Colloquium on our YouTube channel:

We are grateful for the partnership and sponsorship of our colleagues at CAHPT and the additional support provided by Mr. & Mrs. Donald B. Ayres, III. All proceeds from the Colloquium benefited the Decorative Arts Trust’s Emerging Scholars Program.

The in-person Colloquium is usually followed by a brunch that features amazing bacon Bloody Marys and mouth-watering ham biscuits. We hope we will be able to continue this tradition next year! 

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