Concord Museum Awarded Curatorial Internship Grant

Dec 4, 2019

The Decorative Arts Trust is pleased to announce our partner for the 2020-2022 Curatorial Internship Grant: the Concord Museum in Concord, MA. 

About the Grant 

The Trust underwrites curatorial internships for recent Masters or PhD graduates in collaboration with museums and historical societies. Through a matching-grant program, these internships allow host organizations to hire a deserving professional who will learn about the responsibilities and duties common to the curatorial field while working alongside a talented mentor. The Trust’s internship program seeks to provide mutually beneficial opportunities that will nurture the next generation of museum curators while providing essential staffing for the host. Deadlines for the two-year grants are annually on September 30. 

About this Curatorial Internship Opportunity 

The Concord Museum is embarking on a two and a half year effort to redesign their 14 permanent galleries. Called Concord: At the Center of Revolution, the newly renovated 6,000-square-foot permanent exhibition is set to reimagine the Museum experience. The project will begin by focusing on three galleries related to Concord’s role in the political revolution of 1775. Phase Two will focus on the Transcendentalist period leading up to the Civil War as well as four decorative arts galleries. 

The curatorial intern will serve as the assistant project manager for this exciting undertaking and will be involved will all levels of the project, including selection of artifacts, facilitating conservation, meeting with design partners, installation, writing, editing, developing operation manuals for media elements, and analyzing the visitor experience. The intern selected will work under the direction and mentorship of the Concord Museum’s curator, David Wood, and will be an essential member of the exhibition team. 

The Concord Museum will open applications for this internship soon. Visit the Concord Museum’s website for updates or to sign up for their email list. Also look out for social media posts on the Concord Museum Facebook and Twitter pages and the Decorative Arts Trust’s Facebook and Twitter pages. 

About the Concord Museum

At the Concord Museum, Concord’s remarkable past is brought to life through an inspiring collection of historical, literary, and decorative arts treasures. Highlights of the over 50,000 artifacts include Ralph Waldo Emerson’s study, Henry David Thoreau’s desk, Louisa May Alcott’s tea kettle, a Paul Revere lantern, a Paleoindian spearhead, the most complete collection of Concord clocks anywhere, and more.



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