A Virtual Tour of Winterthur with Tom Savage

Mar 25, 2021

Tom Savage, Director of External Affairs at Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library, began his scholarly and affectionate tour of Winterthur by stating, “I want to do a bit of a tribute to our recently retired Curator of Textiles and Director of Collections, Linda Eaton, who just retired in December and from whom I have learned and generations have learned a great deal.” 

To achieve that aim, Tom eloquently described the painted Indian textiles and palampors that are installed in the famous Cecil Bedroom, the bedroom of Henry Francis du Pont, who created the Winterthur we see today. Tom shared the vision and lasting influence of du Pont as a collector and interior designer.  

Tom’s collection expertise is effusive throughout the tour, which also highlights his compassionate disposition. Sharing the story of incredible objects, he also provides insight into the curators, students, and scholars who contributed to our understanding of the collection. 

Tom transported participants to three of the most iconic rooms at Winterthur: the Cecil Bedroom, the Lancaster Room, and the Hampton Room. Making a few stops along the way, he reminded viewers that there is something for everyone at Winterthur and always something new to learn and discover. 

Enjoy this tour of Winterthur: 


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