James H. Weaver, III Named to Trust Board of Governors

May 13, 2020

The Decorative Arts Trust is pleased to announce that James H. Weaver, III (Jim) of Pepper Pike, OH, has joined the Trust’s Board of Governors.

“The Trust’s most important contribution is support of emerging scholars who may be future curators at institutions or museums of all sizes located throughout the United States,” Weaver shares. “Also, the Trust provides a central forum or collecting house, if you will, that contributes to the sustainable development of those future scholars and curators.”

Jim Weaver and his wife, Molly, are among the Trust’s most active members, having attended nearly every symposium and Study Trip Abroad since they joined the Trust in 2013.

“All of the 15 domestic symposia and 14 Study Trips Abroad Molly and I have been fortunate to attend have each in their own way been incredibly enlightening, educational, and memorable,” Weaver explains. “The members we have traveled with, the friendships cultivated, the private places visited, and people we have met via ‘special visits by kind invitation,’ the collections of objects, antiquities, books, and paintings we have been privileged to see, and even touch, are too grand and too many to enumerate. Looking out the grand entrance of a centuries-old castle, we enjoy the very landscape depicted in paintings displayed within that very castle. And at the end of ‘each day more fantastic than the last,’ the evenings spent sharing the wonders we have just experienced with old friends, new acquaintances, and highly respected pundits are my favorite memories.”

Jim Weaver is active with the Cleveland Decorative Arts organization (formerly the Cleveland Circle of the Decorative Arts Trust) and joined their Board of Directors as Secretary in 2016. In addition to traveling with the Trust, Jim and Molly are avid sailors on Lake Chautauqua in upstate New York. 

Weaver earned a BA in economics from Colgate University and a MBA from John Carroll University. Following an early career in sales, Jim founded GearTec, an industrial gear manufacturer, and served as General Manager and then Principal/CEO. He sold the firm and retired in 2008.

Weaver realizes that these are troubling, uncharted times for everyone. “All arts organizations are searching for ways to remain engaged with their respective memberships,” he says. “I hope the Trust can and will continue finding ways to engage current and future members to enable providing ongoing support and guidance to future scholars and curators.” 

The staff and Governors of the Decorative Arts Trust look forward to working with Jim on Trust initiatives.

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